Order you real estate yard signs

  • city discount realtor sign exampleUsing our firm’s real estate yard sign is required. You may not use your own version of a sign. If you have a listing coming up you need to reserve a sign right away.

  • To clean signs for repeat uses, simple wipe down sign using a wet rag or paper towel and water. Do not use cleaning supplies on signs.
  • Riders and frames are not supplied with the sign, the broker may have extra frames for 15$ each. For extra appeal with signs it is recommended to paint your frames a matching red, white, or blue. Your rider should have your first name and personal phone number on them. Riders are provided at your local board’s shop, or broker may also have these supplies available for you to purchase.
  • Once you reserve your sign below you will have the option to have 30$ charged to you through special expenses, or you may pay upfront with a check. 
  • Once you have received the sign, it is your responsibility to maintain the sign. Lost, stolen, or damaged signs will NOT be replaced by broker and you will need to order another sign; or write into your listing agreement a charge paid for by the client if something bad happens to your sign while on their property.

Order a City Discount Yard Signs

  • If you are ordering more than one type of sign please describe what you need below in special instructions.
  • If you need to order multiple signs, input how many types of signs you need (for sale or for rent). You may also enter any other notes to be considered with this order.
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