Flat Fee MLS packages

We have one of the best flat Fee MLS packages in Texas, along with the Nation’s # 1 online listing syndication, distributed to 57 major websites, and of course the all powerful Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Flat Fee MLS packages are only offered to qualifying sellers, contact us for further information.

MLS Classic

Listed on the MLS, limited representation, ideal for owner occupied Sellers

  • Free Broker’s Price Opinion and Consultation
  • Listed on the MLS up to 3 months, Seller provide’s 12 pictures
  • Listed on Trulia/Craigslist/ & many more
  • Real Estate sign 50$ deposit, REALTOR® lockbox 100$ deposit, seller attaches their own rider with their phone number
  • Listed on Zillow and up to 3 months
  • Limited service representation for Seller
  • Texas real estate contracts and disclosures pdf-available
  • Seller’s Phone number placed on MLS Listing for scheduling and questions


Seller represented, ideal for vacant homes with involved Sellers

  • Broker’s Price Opinion & Consultation
  • Listed on the MLS up to 5 months, we provide 20 pictures
  • Listed on Trulia/Craigslist/ & many more
  • REALTOR® Lockbox and quality yard sign are provided, We will field sign calls
  • Listed and premiere listing on Zillow
  • Broker takes on liabilities & additional .75% due at closing
  • Includes Contracts, disclosures & professional negotiation aide
  • Seller’s Phone number placed on MLS Listing for scheduling and questions

FIVE MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Please read these first before Registering for the MLS Classic

Why do I have to submit the requested forms to you? In order for a brokerage to list a home on the MLS, they must have some sort of listing agreement from the seller, granting the brokerage the right to list the home on the MLS. It is impossible for a brokerage to list a home on the MLS without the seller’s permission. Each MLS also requires that the proper profile sheet be filled out prior to submitting the listing to the MLS.

What do I have to send back to you? You must send the Exclusive Authorization & Right to List / Sell (both pages), the Texas Minimum Service Compliance Agreement (MSCA), and the MLS Profile sheet for your area/property type (e.g. Austin Residential, etc.). The e-Lockbox Rental Agreement is only required if you order an e-Lockbox. The Lead-Based Paint Disclosure is only required if your home was built before 1978.

What if I can’t find all the information on the MLS profile sheet? Do your best to find the information, however, there are a few things you may not know such as map code / grid, listing office codes, etc. If you leave something blank, we may know it or be able to find it in the tax records. The things we can usually not find are information that only you would know, such as interior features or your own marketing remarks.

When will my property be listed in the MLS? Your property will usually be activated in the MLS the next business day. We will email you a listing confirmation shortly after your property is activated.

When will my property be listed on®?® usually receives the data from your MLS listing at least 48-72 hours after activation. Please understand that the MLS and® are two very different things. If you have any questions regarding the differences in the two, please contact us directly and we will be happy to give you a detailed explanation.

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