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Our Internet Privacy Policy is the official website for City Discount- REALTORS®. Texas Real Estate Commission licensing through Original Discount llc.. is part of the Original Discount llc., REALTOR’S® network of real estate websites. For purposes of this privacy statement, “” means Original Discount llc. takes your privacy seriously and recognizes the need for privacy as a major concern for our wonderful website visitors. We recognize that entrusting us with your contact information to begin searching real estate is a privacy concern for many people. will not share any personal information about you with any person or organization except: as authorized by you via your voluntary completion of our provided website contact form or a direct email from you, which will be provided to our licensed, professional real estate agent partners to assist you in your real estate transaction, or as may be required by law or court order.

By voluntarily emailing us, or completing and submitting any form within our website, you are authorizing a member of our preferred agent network to contact you via phone and/or e-mail, regardless of any Do Not Call lists that your number may be registered under at the National or State levels.

below outlines our guidelines and professionalism for handling your information received online.

We want you to be aware of:

* Our website’s purpose

* Information we may collect

* How your information is used

* Links to other sites

* Cookie Technology

Our website’s purpose: is an online tool that provides real estate seekers with the ability to conduct research and gain knowledge about apartments, houses and commercial spaces in areas that they are interested in, easily and in real time. We work with a highly qualified network of real estate agents through out Texas, trained in all online and offline business of the modern real estate agent. This network of agents exists to enhance the real estate searching experience once the online real estate search phase has been initiated. All affiliates of Original Discount llc., REALTORS® are identified as so, clearly in their privacy policy, posted publicly on every site in the footer or as a page. If the site does not contain this privacy policy linked to please email us:

Information We Collect: websites serve the purpose of assisting online real estate seekers with their research, as well as ensuring that an experienced agent is available to bring professionalism as well as assist with any real estate buying transactions. In order to properly accomplish our purpose, we must collect several items of contact information and real estate criteria.

Contact Information: If we are to accurately assist in your real estate transaction, we must know who you are. We cannot assist in your real estate transaction without proper contact information.

How your information is used: uses the information you provide to match you up with our preferred agents who will assist you in your real estate search. We do not provide your personal information to any third parties outside of our company. Your information is private and will remain private as long as it is in our hands.

Limitations on Sharing: We are sharing your information with a limited number of agents. Typically our management will intake your information to help us understand which agent will best suit your real estate search request. These agents will likely be contacting you to assist in your real estate search. This agent will be well suited to provide more in depth searches and statistics on real estate according to your specific areas and property type. and should be viewed as a valuable resource that is available at no cost.

Links to Other Sites

Simply put we want to make sure you do not find yourself at a dead end in our websites. We use savvy web development that links our information to other related information on the web through links. So if you click on a link and follow through to another website that offends you and is not part of our website network, then you should direct your concerns to that other site’s webmaster.

Cookie Technology

Cookie technology may be employed on our websites. Cookies assist us by letting us know which pages you view while on our websites. “Cookies” are tiny text files sent by Web servers to be stored on the computers of website users. Cookies often contain personalized settings or unique identifiers that will help us determine what material is popular for our readers and real estate researchers.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the Real Estate Disclosures, please email:

 Thank you for educating yourself! 🙂

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